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Commercial AV Services

Skopik is a full-service Auckland audiovisual solutions provider that specializes in seamless technology integration. We have the expertise to supply, design and install any AV equipment. Skopik provides and installs a variety of audiovisual solutions ensuring everything works beautifully together.

What is AV?

Audiovisual is electronic media possessing both a sound and a visual component, such as slide-tape presentations, films, television programs, corporate conferencing, church services, and live theatre productions.

AV Installers

An AV installer works with audiovisual systems to install, set up, operate, troubleshoot, and repair equipment, like speakers, recording tools, and cameras.

At Skopik, we set up the equipment to work within a specific space, testing the equipment before a show or broadcast, optimize audio and visuals for the show or broadcast.

We can transport equipment between different sets, perform essential maintenance and repairs on AV equipment, and installing some equipment to use permanently.

Types of Audio Visual

Here are some examples of audiovisual systems and their integration to help you see what’s possible. Our team can configure the most exciting, convenient and time-saving AV systems to elevate your experience.


corporate media room installer
If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your business, then you should look into getting Audio Visual solutions.

Skopik can provide everything you need to make your meetings and events visually appealing. From projectors to screens, we can do it all.


av company for events
Audio Visual Systems enhance the look, feel and experience of events. When you hire a professional AV company, like ours, everything is done right. Skopik is an end-to-end event AV specialist.


av company for television
Arguably one of the most important aspects of any television studio is its audio and visual systems, Skopik has the knowledge and experience to cater for any configuration.


av company for cinemas
Using the right audio visual solutions for cinemas and theatres, you improve your audience’s experience.


av company for bars restaurants
For most bars and restaurants, the audiovisual systems they use are essential to their success. That’s because many people judge a venue by its aesthetics.

Since this is true, it’s important to have an attractive AV setup that helps them stand out from others.

AV Services

Services Include

  • Commercial Board and Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • One-touch Control Systems
  • Video Conferencing Interfaces
  • Commercial Cinemas/Theatres
  • Office, Bars, Restaurants, Rest Homes, Hospitals, Gyms
  • Full Theatre Seating and Acoustic Panelling
  • Boardrooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Centres
  • Retirement Villages
  • Video Conferencing
  • Cat6/6a/7 Cabling
  • Fibre Cabling
  • Cabinet Tidy-Ups
  • 25year Warranties
  • MOE Certified

Skopik provides and installs a variety of audiovisual solutions for numerous commercial settings including offices, bars, cinemas, restaurants, rest homes, hospitals and gyms. 

Skopik provides and installs a variety of audiovisual solutions for your business. We also provide the technology to ensure everything works beautifully together.

Whatever your AudioVisual needs are we’ve got you.

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I only have praise for the team at SKOPIK. We had the pleasure of working with Jeff. He is a shining example of professionalism and true customer service, something that can’t be said for all service industries. He was able to come up with a solution with great communication. There was no fuss and I would recommend SKOPIK to all my family and friends.
Al Peychers

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