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Wiring is a crucial component of any commercial space, and it can be difficult to know when your wiring needs an upgrade. As time passes, the chances that they will break down increases exponentially until you no longer have protection from things like fire or electrical surges.

Your business deserves better than this, so invest in some new wiring before something happens that puts everyone at risk!

Commercial Rewiring

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As a commercial electrical specialist when it comes to new construction or remodelling, we handle the wiring for lights and receptacles and transformers and power distribution panels. We also wire breakers, generators, heating systems–you name it!

The electrical panel is your one-stop shop for everything electricity-related. Without it, there would be no regulation of the flow, and you could end up either overloaded or underpowered!

This delicate balance comes from understanding how commercial buildings function electrically; knowing which system will provide enough power while not overloading them with too much juice can help keep a building’s systems running smoothly without any sparks flying.

Electrical Wiring Issues

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If your plugs wiggle and fall out of electrical outlets, you need to upgrade to modern outlet configurations. These are included in most cases where a business is rewired for updates or remodelling.


If you are hearing buzzing or sizzling sounds in your wiring, this is a sign that it may be time to re-wire.

If not addressed soon enough, these noises can cause serious problems with the power going into your building and even start fires!

A shocking experience awaits those that have neglected their electrical systems for too long – those buzzes and crackles could indicate more than just an old installation: they might also signify potential danger from faulty wires overheating due to lack of maintenance.


Your fuses are blowing and breakers tripping regularly, which usually indicates a worn-out electrical system or one that can’t handle the amount of electricity your various appliances and devices are demanding to operate.

The first step in fixing this problem is checking for any signs of damage around outlets, plugs, cords where they connect with wall sockets as well as on light fixtures themselves; if you find anything damaged then it might be best to contact Skopik right away since some serious repairs will need attention before more sparks fly!


The old wiring in your office is probably wearing out and it’s increasing the risk of fire. You might not even know that, but you should be looking for signs like flickering lights or blackouts to check if there are any problems with the wires before they start a fire.


I only have praise for the team at SKOPIK. We had the pleasure of working with Jeff. He is a shining example of professionalism and true customer service, something that can’t be said for all service industries. He was able to come up with a solution with great communication. There was no fuss and I would recommend SKOPIK to all my family and friends.
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