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Cyber Security

Cyber Security threats are a growing concern for businesses in New Zealand. We’ll take care of your business, information and sensitive data to ensure they never get into the wrong hands with our Cyber Security Protection Service!

Cyber Security Services

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Cybersecurity is a critically important and often overlooked component of doing business in the modern world.

Keeping your network and machines safe from hackers, ransomware, malware, hackers, phishing schemes, and other cybersecurity internet threats is key to keeping your business data safe.

Our main services are complete IT services and support, IT consulting, IT security, cybersecurity, networking, on-site and remote IT services, remote monitoring and management, desktop support, server and shared storage support, mail support, business continuity, firewall advance services, security incident management, breach prevention, security risk assessment, cybersecurity, penetration testing, vulnerability network scanning, endpoint security management, two-factor authentication (2FA), VPN management, remote access management, and email security.

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering your network has been compromised or being held ransom for your valuable data, or your network becomes infected with spyware, bringing business to a halt.

Our extensive anti-penetration tools identify any network vulnerabilities and immediately strengthen them before any threats occur.

We pride ourselves on providing a fully secure, safe network so you and your team can focus on growing your business.


The data in your email account is a lot more vulnerable than you think, and using the wrong combination of words or phrases can easily lead to stolen information.

This will not only affect yourself but also could be detrimental for others who may contact you via your inbox!

Fighting back against infiltrators starts by encrypting emails to be unreadable unless one has access to them; this prevents an outsider from accessing what’s written inside without any special knowledge beforehand.

Additionally, everyone must have antivirus software installed on their devices – even if these precautions don’t work all the time, there is still some level of protection going into battle with such threats as viruses or malware, which might cause issues later down the road when least expected!


Firewalls are great to keep unauthorized people off of your network but if you want the ultimate protection for your company, Intrusion Prevention Systems offer an active monitoring system that observes any activity within and outside of a corporation.
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Malware Protection defends against your endpoints and networks by utilizing various security functions such as threat analytics, behavioral indicators.


Intrusion Prevention Systems are a great and cost-effective way to keep your network safe. They actively monitor all devices, applications, or communications within the network for any unauthorized access so you can be sure that everything is under control at any time of day!


Using a centralized dashboard, you can unify and manage your entire company’s network and data access privileges.

You’ll be able to control the level of each person’s privilege based on their role within the organization as well as other factors like device type or location at any given time.

What sets this solution apart is that it doesn’t just permit people- they have to actively opt-in for certain permissions before getting them!

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With a mobile workforce, you can give employees access to your network and keep it safe from anywhere with the help of our solutions.


Imagine your network divided into a series of concentric circles. The outside circle is the public internet, while the innermost one contains private data and information for employees only: where would you start to protect yourselves?

The first line of defence against web threats should be security gateways that filter traffic heading in or out from networks like yours.

These devices block access based on preconfigured rules created by IT managers with knowledge about what’s appropriate for company use versus inappropriate content such as explicit images or personal browsing history – both seen as dangerous because they can expose sensitive corporate data to attackers online.

Inside this outer ring are application controls that limit employee activity when it comes to applications used internally at work (like Microsoft Word), blocking questionable material so harmful


Disruptions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a fire, flood, or ransomware attack, an invasion of privacy can result in financial losses for the company and damage to your brand.

We will put systems in place to keep both you and your client’s data safe and your business running during an unexpected disaster.

We can get you prepared and give you peace of mind knowing all data is safe!


I only have praise for the team at SKOPIK. We had the pleasure of working with Jeff. He is a shining example of professionalism and true customer service, something that can’t be said for all service industries. He was able to come up with a solution with great communication. There was no fuss and I would recommend SKOPIK to all my family and friends.
Al Peychers

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